9 tools to rock your fanpage and engage your community

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Every Facebook brand page owner have to make it more engaging in order to turn visitors into fans, leads and boost sales by means of promotion on social media.

These are the best templates and utilities for your facebook fan page

Iframe apps also provides many services that a facebook fanpage could require such as contact form, live streaming or many other utilities that will enable fans to get a better overall knowledge of your brand.

Iframe apps and other "install and play" apps for free!

The best part about our service is that you are able to use iframe apps and other "install and play" apps for free!


Facebook Secure Browsing : The SSL Certificate

One of the big developments in the March 2011 Facebook Page overhaul was support for iFrames in Fan Page custom tabs. Until then, iFrames were only allowed on canvas pages and, even there, required the user to click an image or text to « activate » (load) the iFramed content.

As iFrame app will contain content from your own website, the security certificate level of your webpage can affect whether your iFrame app content will or will not be displayed on Facebook.

Why are security levels important?

In general, you can differentiate between three types of security certificate levels:

1. When a user visits a page served over http, their connection is open for eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks.

2. On a page served over https, the user’s connection with the web server is authenticated and encrypted with SSL and hence safeguarded from eavesdroppers and MITM attacks.

3. An HTTPS page that includes HTTP content is called « Mixed Content ». This means that the (unencrypted) HTTP portion can be read or modified by attackers, even though the main page is served over HTTP.

How do security levels affect the visibility of my iFrame?

So-called Mixed Content Blockers blocks certain HTTP requests on HTTPS pages.

Some browsers, such as Firefox and also Google Chrome, will by default block the content of your iFrame app, if the content source is not perceived as secure enough.

How does this might look in practice?

The example here shows an iFrame with blocked mixed content in Firefox browser.

Users, who encounter this issue, must allow the browser to view the un-certified content manually, by clicking on the ‘shield’ icon.

The process for enabling mixed content in Google Chrome is quite identical to that in Mozilla Firefox.

How can I as a creator of my iFrame app avoid this issue?

When you create an iFrame app, please note whether the page providing content for your application is encrypted (https) or not (http).

Get the certificate

If the situation is the latter, one of the ways how to ensure that users will not experience blocked content is to get the https certificate. In most cases your server-provider will have a solution for you, so the way is to contact your provider and ask for assistance in that matter.

Get the SSL certificate Here

Store Tab : Discover the Online store on a Facebook Page

An online store it is possible and easy with our store tab. Configure your shop, add your on-line products, select your currency in several steps…

Drawbacks of Online store :

To open an online shop, it is to free, itself from physical borders, your customers become international and your shop is opened 24/24h. With an online shop, no load of thorough setting-up of trade, no need of market study on the place of setting-up of the site. You also reduce your costs of information and communication, the on-line advertising being often less expensive.

How create your store in Facebook with Iframe Apps ?

Create your store on your Facebook page.

1.If this have not done, please select the link to configure the store : https://apps.facebook.com/my-fb-store/index.php?p=config

—> then select the page to set up the store tab

2.Configure your store, and save







3.Add/Manage your products and save









Select « go on this tab to this page » : Well it is done you have created your store


Now, join us in Facebook to create your own store : Here



Create a Newsletter Campaign

Create your own newsletters campaign easily with IFRAME APPS


To realize a Newsletters Campaign with the tool « New campaign » by Iframe Apps is fast, effective… You wish to share a link, an information, or to invite your contacts in an event: this tool is made for you!!! We are how going to explain you to create a Campaign with this tool:

First of all,  realization of an email campaign include several steps :

- Draft the message which you will send to your recipients.
- Dress it in an original and pleasant graphic creation.
- Create the email campaign with an adapted professional tool.
- Follow and analyze the results.

On the Iframe General Menu, please select the tab « new campaign », then follow our advices : (credit : 10 000 emails)











1.Parameters : In this tab, three fields are available:

- the sender of the message
- answer of the addressees
- the object of the campaign which you want to set up







2.Content : In this tab, you are going to create your message, however several choices are possible:

- you can import a file already to create

- create your own thanks to newsletter in this tool: (It text edit option or in HTML option)

- the tab « preview », allows you at any time to reveal your message (arrangement, organized by photos…)







3.Targets : In this new tab, all the pages that you have appear on your screen. Furthermore, it also appears the number of contacts for every page.

Afterward, you just have to select one or several pages which you wish to seize.







4.Send or test your campaign : For this last step, you have the choice to test your campaign(recommended) either to send it directly.







Upgrade as a Premium user  : Here

Premium templates for facebook timeline

Marketing on facebook

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Best hours to mail or post your users

Best time to post on facebook infographic

Source :http://blog.hubspot.com/Portals/249/images/science-of-social-timing-part-2-resized-600.jpg

Facebook User Statistics 2012 [Infographic]

Facebook statistics 2012

Source : http://ansonalex.com/


infographic timeline for pages

Apps for timeline

Logo Iframe Apps IFRAME APPS
Embed a mini site on your Facebook page.
One site not enough ?
Embed second site on Facebook tabs thanks to Iframe tabs.
Logo Newsletters NEWSLETTERS
Collect e-mails thanks to the Newsletters tab and send emails from Facebook.
Logo Store STORE
Create your shop online and sell your product from Facebook easily.
Logo Add a Link ADD A LINK
Add a link towards your website on your tab menu.
Add the second link towards your web site on Facebook tabs thanks to Add a link 2.
Logo Strimz STRIMZ
Broadcast live on your wall or Facebook tabs. Publish your videos on Facebook, your blog or your web site.
Logo Contact Form CONTACT FORM
Add a contact form on tabs for your Facebook pages, or export on your web site.
Logo Only for Likers ONLY FOR LIKERS
Provide content only for Facebook pages’ likers.
Logo Contactor CONTACTOR
Contactor’s text, voice and video make it simple to share experiences with the people, wherever they are.

Iframe Apps | FAQ 0.1

Install iframe Apps

Choose page to set up.

Edit html or Add embed link

-Edit Html method

-Embed Link method

Your Tab URL must be relative to your Canvas Page and therefore your Canvas URL. Using our previous Canvas Page and Canvas URL settings would results in Facebook loading content from « http://www.example.com/canvas/tab. »

As with a Canvas Page, the amount of space available to your app is bounded by the outer context of Facebook. Since your app is also loaded inside of Facebook Page, the space is smaller (520 pixels) than what is available to on a Canvas Page.

Install a fan gate option